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January 28, 2006
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This animation is rated PG for mild language. Some people may find some of the content offensive.

The whole point of this animation is for me to be able to use Evil Jimmy in the future for any comments that I see as negative. People who comment negatively and rudely with the intent of upsetting me will in fact be giving me a lot of amusement. FOR NOW ON I will not reply to them and waist a single minute of my time on their nonsense. Instead EVIL JIMMY will reply and speak in baby talk and to make sure that person knows WHY they are being talked to in baby talk I will provide a link to this animation. :D

What I consider negative or rude:

A comment with nothing but criticism. For Ex. “I don’t like your style, the eyes are off the mouth needs adjustment and the image was planned poorly.”

A comment that doesn’t have to do with anything. For Ex. “Burn in hell.”

A comment that criticizes grammar or spelling errors excessively and in a rude way. It’s DA, your suppose to be informal. XD

A comment dealing with something earned. For Ex. “I don’t think you deserved to make the front page.” Or “How did this make a Daily Deviation?” I visit the front page and the Daily Deviations almost everyday and I have yet to see a deviation that doesn’t deserve to be up there.

What I consider a critique:

A comment that isn’t rude or insulting when addressing you or your artwork.

A comment with the intent of improving your artwork.

A comment that refers more to future deviations. For Ex. “In the future, try drawing the hands a bit bigger.

The polite way to critique someone is to give two positives for every negative. For Ex. “I like the way you colored her eyes and the details are well done, in the future try making the eyes a little farther apart.”

I’ve seen many amazing artists leave DeviantART because of a bunch of uneducated idiots who just want attention. I am always open for critiques and hopefully this deviation won’t make you scared of critiquing my artwork. ^^; I will keep the “Critique Welcome” option open on all my deviations. If you haven’t experienced a rude comment on DeviantART or in real life, you probably will eventually. Remember the better the artwork, the MORE their will be negative comments.

About the animation: I had the idea in my head since I submitted my last deviation. I might send it to scraps since this was my second attempt to use Flash and I don’t know crap about animation. XD Oh well lol. Oh and my sister came up with the quote, “If you have nothing nice to say, you shut the hell up.” Go bug her. Hope you liked it. XD

Edit: I fixed the your to you’re. Thank you to those who pointed that out. Also there seems to be some confusion to who Evil Jimmy is. The guy with the green shirt is not Evil Jimmy, he’s just a random guy with no name. XD Evil Jimmy is the red eyed program that replies very bluntly. I also forgot to include that: Evil Jimmy, the random guy, and Iamanidiot (she has an account lol) are all copyrighted by Crysa who is me. :D
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Careful with that fork.
ambxr Nov 16, 2013  Student
La la la la
Miseryrose234 Oct 4, 2013  Student Writer
OMG XD, I SO want to see some negative comments, so I can read evil jimmies baby talk and have a good laugh.
XSoulSketchX Sep 6, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Lol Loved it >x]
Dracosphere Aug 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think the internet can learn something from Evil Jimmy.....
I love this animation!
wow I remember watching this, it feels so nostalgic haha.
i was watching this wile on my lap top in my living room, my family now thinks im insane. . . i busted out laughing at the two year old part, Great stuff.
SeizurefoxTheEpic Feb 10, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Best animation ever made.
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